Ricoh PJ WXC1110 Driver Dowmload

By | September 8, 2020

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 Driver Dowmload

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 Driver Dowmload

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 Driver Dowmload

With the PJ WXC1110, you don’t have to worry that your projector won’t work or your presentation space is too small. Its long-lasting LED lighting illuminates all of your images, videos, and presentations. And with a short-throw ratio of 0.8, you can place it just 17 inches from the projection surface for one-on-one meetings.

Projectors have come a long way since I was in high school.

Where once the word brought up images of mirrored glass with transparencies I now think of lumens, throw distance and mercury lamps.

But even that notion is changing as smaller LED projectors enter the market vying for a spot in boardrooms, classrooms and in some cases your living room.

One of these LED projectors is the Ricoh PJ WXC1110. While it’s name is a mouthful, this little projector is quite simply an LED projector with a short throw lens.

The trouble however is that Ricoh has done little to differentiate the PJ from the smorgasbord of LED projectors on the market, and it’s pricey as hell with a RSP of R14 000.

Small but not small enough to lose

The PJ measures just 4cm x 10cm x 11cm which is small enough to just fit in the palm of my hand. The projector comes with a rather nice carrying case which contains all the cables you’ll need to power the projector and connect it to your PC.

Sadly our review unit did not include an HDMI cable but rather a weird VGA to proprietary connector. The clover power cable is one of those terrible round two-prong plugs which never fits into any plug I own.

Thankfully I have a spare clover plug so this was not an issue for me though it’s worth considering picking up an HDMI and proper plug on your way to the checkout counter.

  • 2.8 GB built-in memory
  • WXGA Resolution (1280×800 dpi)
  • Brightness rating of 600 lumens
  • Screen size up to 200″
  • Uncompromising portability and up to 30,000 hours engine life

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 Driver Dowmload

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